Fabricated Box Girders

Custom Fabricated Box Girders For Your Facility

Louisiana Crane & Electrical Services, Inc. designs and manufactures welded box girder beams for both single and double girder cranes.
Our Box Girders are designed to expand capacities beyond the reach of standard wide flange beam sections whether it be for capacity or cost prohibitive reasons. Generally, all cranes over 60ft span are constructed of box girders.
With our custom fabrication, both single and double girder cranes are constructed using two web plates, spaced by intermittent diaphragms. Double girder cranes are torsional box construction, placing the trolley rail directly over the inside web plate.
Box bridge girders are specifically engineered and constructed of steel plates positioned to maximize strength and reduce deflection. Internal and plate splice welding is completed manually by certified welders.
Longitudinal welds to the top and bottom plates are completed using our automated welding machines. All plate joints are designed to AWS criteria and are properly prepared using plate beveling machinery.
All Beams are sand blasted and primed prior to painting.
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Fabricated Box Girders